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The online source for sample wills, sample trusts, power of attorneys, and living wills

Thank you for visiting our site.  The LegalScribe website was created as a place for people to be able to request wills, trusts, power of attorneys and a living will.  These documents are in a word format, with a series of fields in which you can insert and replace the fields with your name and information.  After doing so, you will then have a personalized will, trust, power of attorney or living will.

After spending some time trying to find  sample wills on the world wide web, I created this site.  With all the information out on the web, I could not even find a simple will.  I could order one, I could by a program that would create one, but I couldn't find a completed sample.  Here at this site, you can look at the various documents, completed, with commentary and notes explaining the various provisions included.  All the documents on this site have been drafted by attorneys and is constantly being reviewed by them.  We invite you to stop in occasionally as we do add items from time to time. 

You can visit this site without any charge.  All we ask, is that if we send you a document, you pay five dollars to help cover the costs of the site.  Keep the internet free, contribute for your content.  This payment is made on the honor system, we just hope that you will pay since, and I'm sure you do understand, running a web site does cost a little bit of money.

To navigate through this site, you can use the navigation buttons on the left hand side of the page, or use the page forward button at the bottom of the page.

When you have decided what forms you would like, go to the online ordering page and simply fill out the request form.   In a few days, you will receive an e-mail response with the forms you requested attached.  When you receive your response, please be sure to do a virus scan.  We advise people never open an attachment without scanning it first.

You may be wondering what we do with your e-mail address.  After we send you the form you requested, we delete your e-mail.  The only reason we request a state and city is out of curiosity of this site's geographical reach.  As I said, after we respond to your request, we delete your e-mail and then periodically we shred our trash can.  We do not sell or otherwise use your address other than to respond to your request.

Getting Started

You'll first want to read  the Privacy Statementor in other words the terms and conditions of use page.  It advises you of the terms of the agreement that allows you to continue using this web site.  Please review this page carefully as it controls the  relationship between the two of us.

After the Privacy Statement page is our Library of Forms.  At this page you will find a list of all the sample forms including sample wills, sample trusts, power of attorneys and other legal documents.  We have and a brief description of each.  From this page you can open a sample of each form.  We use a hypothetical family of Tom, Gene and Sarah, to help explain each form.  

Each page has a navigation buttons along the side.  If your in a rush you can go straight to the library, but the terms and conditions of use outlined in the privacy statement still apply.  The library has a full table of contents that allows you to go directly to the form that you are interested in.  From the library, you can choose the will, trust or other legal document you want to review, find a brief description of said document, why or how a person would use the document and a sample document using our family of    We do wish you would check out the terms page however.  If youíre curious about who we are and how we use the information you provide us, please refer to the terms page for more information.


Itís not our intent to give you legal advice. If you have any questions concerning the effect of any of these documents we remind you that you should contact an attorney in your state competent to advise you in this area of the law.


Now lets go get those forms!


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